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Hi! Welcome to the ANTS website !

My name is Axel and I’m the Project Manager of ANTS.

I have been working in the field of Simultaneous Interpretation for Social Movements since 2009, when I co-founded with other 3 people the pioneer project COATI, based in Barcelona (Cataluña, Spain).

Putting together the experience done in 14 years of social movements events, the ANTS project started around summer 2023, when I moved back to my birth city Turin, North-West of Italy, and I officially registered ANTS in Italy around march 2024.

As you can understand, the ANTS website is still under construction, I will fill it with information and posts about the events we participate in and other lots of hopefully interesting contents in the coming years ! It will always be a work in progress, like life 🙂

Please do not hesitate to write us an e-mail for information on the project itself or to request a quote for your event, being this in-person or online.

We can read emails in English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and German and we’re able to answer in English, Spanish and Italian.

We will try to answer you promptly !

Have a good navigation in the ANTS world 😉 !

ANTS @ SĂšme ta Resistance, Antibes (France), 3-5 October 2024

Our participation it’s been recently confirmed, so we’re very honored and happy to participate in this amazing conference !

The International Farmer Seed Gathering “Sow your Resistance” is organized by the French
Farmer Seed Network
, SOL Alternatives AgroĂ©cologiques et Solidaires, the Maralpine Community Seed Bank and Let’s Liberate Diversity.

The event will be composed of workshops and plenary sessions in Antibes (France).

These sessions will address the technical, environmental, social, political, and legal aspects of farmer seeds.

The week will culminate in a festive day dedicated to raising public awareness about the vital connection between agriculture and our food systems, underscoring the importance of cultivated biodiversity.

You can find more information on the event here.

Specifically, we will be in charge of coordinating the Team of at least 14 Interpreters leading up and during the event, and also of setting up the Interpreting technology for 4 languages (FR-EN-IT-ES), 3 booths in the Plenary Room, and 3 languages, 2 booths in 2 Workshop Rooms (FR-EN-IT and FR-EN-ES respectively).

You can also have a look here below at the Call for Interpreters

Can’t wait to be there !

ANTS @ Anti Mega-Bassines, Melle (Poitou, France), 16-21 July 2024

We announce that we have been confirmed for the gathering in Poitou, the International Water Village for the defense of Water and Soils, that will be the preparation of massive days of actions the 19th and 20th July 2024.

So we will do our part by setting up the Interpreting Technologies during the camp that will be held in Melle, Poitou (France) for the mobilization against the Mega-Bassines to be held from 16th to 21st of July 2024.

We will be setting up the Plenary Space, with 4 cabins and 5 languages (FR-DE-ES-IT-EN) for the many thousand of people expected !

Can’t wait to be there !

ANTS Interpreters Coordination and Database

With this post, I would like to tell you about our Interpreters Coordination Project.

When I started working in Simultaneous Interpretation in 2009, we were a small collective participating in international conferences and events with our DIY technology, providing support for Simultaneous Interpretation.

The years passed by and I had the possibility of meeting hundreds of Professional Interpreters (but also many DIY Interpreters – as we call them), so back in 2019 I started recollecting all those contacts in a database, which now counts more than 1000 Interpreters (at the moment, July 2024, it counts up to 1082, to be precise 🙂 ) living mostly in Europe but in other continents as well. Considering that I mostly work with local and international Social Movements, I can only say that I’m really proud of my database, as I probably manage one of the biggest Interpreters Databases in the world.

But it’s not only that I have a lot of contacts: this list allows me to reach Professional Interpreters that lives in the city where you’re planning your event, or pretty close-by, thus reducing the travel cost and possibly the accommodation cost for your team of Interpreters!

With this database, we are also able to coordinate Interpreters for online events, with the right language combination needed by the participants and with the right skills to provide always the best interpretation.

If you’re organizing an event that requires Simultaneous Interpretation, don’t hesitate to ask us for a quote for Interpreters Coordination: we will organize the team of Interpreters for your event ensuring that the messages will be delivered in other languages in the best professional way!

If you’re an Interpreter and would like to join my Interpreters Database, please write me an e-mail with your data, language combination, place of residence, professional level and description of your skills, and a CV, if you want. Please be very honest on the description of your skill and your professional level: we both gain from an honest review of your skills! There is space for different levels and skills in my database, both if you are a Professional Interpreter with 20 years of experience, a language student still studying or just come out of school, or a DIY Interpreter: different events requires different people!

And I will surely look forward to be working together 🙂

ANTS @ ConfĂ©rence Ban Fossil Ads – 22-24 mars Ă  Bruxelles


Du 22 au 24 mars, environ 70 personnes, issues de la lutte contre le systÚme publicitaire et la promotion des énergies fossiles, se sont réunies à Bruxelles pour la deuxiÚme édition de la conférence Ban Fossil Ads (interdire les publicités pro-énergies fossiles).

An article in English:

Un articolo in Italiano:

Photo de groupe pendant la conférence Ban Fossil Ads à Bruxelles en mars 2024, dans les locaux de Namahn.
Photo de groupe pendant la conférence Ban Fossil Ads à Bruxelles en mars 2024, dans les locaux de Namahn.

Venu·e·s de France, de Belgique, d’Allemagne, des Pays-Bas, du Royaume-Uni, d’Autriche, de Suisse, du Danemark, du Portugal, d’Italie ou encore du Canada et de l’Australie, les participant·e·s ont eu l’opportunitĂ© de s’inspirer mutuellement de leurs luttes locales et nationales, d’effectuer des ateliers thĂ©oriques et pratiques, et d’envisager comment porter plus loin les revendications de ces mouvements contestataires. Ce mĂ©lange culturel a Ă©tĂ© permis en grande partie grĂące Ă  la prĂ©sence d’interprĂštes du collectif ANTS (AlterNative Technology Systems, voir aussi COATI).

InterprÚtes et matériel du collectif de traduction ANTS, conférence Ban Fossil Ads, Bruxelles, 2024.
InterprÚtes et matériel du collectif de traduction ANTS.
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This is a map of all the friend groups and collectives that works on simultaneous interpreting technology for social movements or around that topic, including interpreters collectives and tech networks, with their contacts and details. check it out !

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ANTS @ Ban Fossil Advertising Conference, Bruxelles (Belgium), 22-24 march 2024

Hi there!

We are participating in this amazing conference that aims to reduce and finally ban every fossil advertising.
Many victories has been achieved already, as in many cities around the globe we can see the reduction on bad adverts, or even just the reduction of advertising billboards in general, but the road to the victory is still long and tortuous.

See the previous conference article here (Amsterdam 3-5 March 2023).

We have been setting up the whole Sound and Simultaneous Interpretation infrastructure, including the coordination of the Interpreters, so that this conference could be held in both English and French. About a hundred people participated over the three days from all places in the world.

See related article: ANTS @ Conference Ban Fossil ADV