Ask for a quote

In order for us to elaborate a quote for your event, we need to know some of the details that characterizes it. The more accurate it will be, the more our budget preview will be accurate as well. Especially, we need to know:

  1. What is your event about?
  2. How many languages do you want to support?
  3. In how many rooms do you want to set-up simultaneous interpretation?
  4. Are the languages above needed in all the rooms?
  5. Will you bring your own Interpreters or do you want us to help you finding the Interpreters?
  6. How many people will participate to your event?
  7. What is your budget for simultaneous interpretation and where the funds comes from?

Please send us an email with those info at ants @ pimienta . org or check our contact page.

Remember: the bigger your event is, the more it will require to organize the Simultaneous Interpretation infrastructure, so please make sure to contact us well in advance (ie: better 6 month than 1 month in advance 🙂 )!

Example of an “ask for a quote” email:

  1. It’s an international conference on climate change, to be held 4-8 July 2025 in Paris, France. Maps of the rooms and program attached.
  2. 6 languages in total: EN-ES-FR-AR-IT-TK
  3. 1 Plenary Room and 2 smaller Workshop rooms
  4. No, 6 languages in the Plenary, 3-4 languages in each room, divided as follow: WS1: EN-TK-ES-IT WS2: FR-AR-ES
  5. Please help us finding the Interpreters needed for this conference.
  6. We expect from 300 to 600 people, we will know more when the online form is open and we collect all the subscriptions.
  7. We are 3 not-for-profit groups with some own savings, plus we will apply for funding specifically to cover the needs of Simultaneous Interpretation.