What we do

ANTS is an alternative project with the aim of providing Simultaneous Interpreting Technology to Social Movements, helping to organize big and small events, finding and coordinating teams of Interpreters – both in-person and online, in every language – providing the equipment for the sound of every space used and the online tools to allow for Interpretation in hybrid events.

This work extend to other fields as well, as we help the organizations to set up their events, with the knowledge and experience accumulated in more than a decade, participating in social movements events all over the world, from conference styles events to open-air camps. On the latter for example, we now provide clean energy for our equipment by solar power.

We work by the values of DIY, anti-capitalist and ecological vision by balancing the complexity of the services needed by a multi-language event – everywhere in the world! – with an attitude of delivering a full service experience while keeping the costs reduced. To do that, we give to every event the attention and the flexibility that it needs, and to every aspect its necessary details.

If you want to contact ANTS for info, please visit the contacts page.

If you want to ask for a quote for your event, please visit the page ask for a quote.